Web Design

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Web Design

Web presence is imperative to any commercial entity today with Internet being the proven single most powerful medium for growth today.

Flipkart, Amazon, Carwale, MagicBricks are some of the biggest success stories in business based on the power of internet through integrated web presence.

Having a web site, even at the beginning of a business is inadvertently necessary for success as it provides a face of the business, contact point, powerful marketing medium, effective feedback channel or even online point-of-sale to attract potential customers from all over the globe.

Our credo is to design and develop websites

  • Optimized for moderate bandwidth requirement
  • With provision for easy scalability
  • Responsive in design - for different screen sizes
  • With custom - light weight CMS for client to manage site content independently on their own .

We also build e-commerce portals with integrated payment gateways and custom content management systems as backend.

Web Applications

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Web Applications

With fast paced technological advancement and rapidly changing business dynamics, the legacy desktop based software systems start falling drastically short when it comes to

  • Mobility – anywhere & multi device access
  • Time required to implement updates & upgrades
  • Hardware and platform flexibility

Business intending to maintain competitive edge and enhance efficiency of workflow to maximize productivity & growth are overcoming these shortfalls by replacing the legacy desktop based software systems with modern web based applications with following benefits:

  • Intuitive & user friendly application interface
  • Requires only a web browserhardware & platform flexibility
  • Single Point instant updates & upgrades
  • High Mobility Automated workflows – anywhere & multi device access
  • Modern technology ensures enhanced transaction speed
  • Data Security with Access Protection levels
  • Accurate real-time feedback & live data analysis for strategic planning & fast decision making

Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Since the beginning of time mankind has communicated with various forms of visual communication techniques viz sign-language, gestures, paintings and symbols etc. During the discovery of many ancient civilizations through excavation, paintings and symbols inscribed in rocks and other structure are quite common findings.

Even today visual communication is considered as the most complete form of exchanging message in a precise and pleasant manner. With the advent of technologies, the crafting of visual communication has undergone massive change from simple painting and symbols to eye-catching posters, brochures, print-media advertisements, mesmerizing video clippings, short and full movies.

In context of branding or marketing, visual communication plays a very important role both in print media as well as motion pictures or videos, which is evident from the plethora of creative print as well as television commercials, short films, documentaries and full length movies.

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A picture is worth more than 1000 words. Visual presentation is much more preferred way of creating a compact and impactful message.

In business arena, professional photography is required for:

  • Crafting Product portfolio and Company Profile
  • Product images for print media like &dash brochures, profiles, visiting cards, print advertisements.
  • Digital media – web site, e-mailers, e-brochures, digital banners & Facebook page etc

We offer photography services by highly skilled & experienced professional photographers for:

  • Product Shoot
  • Architectural & Interior Photography
  • Event photography with modern equipments & infrastructure
  • Industrial Shoot
  • Photo Editing
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Audio – Visual presentation is the most complete form of communication – there’s no doubt about it. Presence on video streaming sites like YouTube are increasingly becoming imperative in the digital marketing arsenal of businesses. Audio – Visual company profiles are fast replacing the traditional small printed company profile booklets. More and more organizations are capturing events and trainings on videos, for archive as well as tactical analysis.

We offer videography services by highly skilled & experienced team of professional videographers for:

  • Product Video
  • Office & Works – infrastructure videos for company profile
  • Promotional Videos
  • Influencer Videos
  • Event coverage by team

with video editing and audio profiling.

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

Mega success stories like amazon.com, flipkart.com, magicbricks.com, carewale.com etc have endorsed the power of the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web has proven to be the single most powerful medium for growth.

Conventional non-digital means of marketing have a limitation in terms of reach and are more expensive compared to digital media. Digital media encompasses the World Wide Web and all of its integrated channels.

There are numerous advantages of marketing through the digital media:

  • Turn – around – Time is much less as compared to conventional media
  • Much better Return on Investment
  • Encompasses extremely wide reach – instantly all across the globe.
  • Triggers considerably greater response – enhancing profitability.
  • Most effective Personalized Marketing channel

We help in strategic planning to build and enhance the Brand Value by integrating traditional Marketing with Digital Marketing with:

  • Social media campain design - Facebook, Twiter, LinkedIn
  • Design & distribute – personalized e-mailers, Newsletters, Greeting Cards etc
  • Mobile apps – Android, iOS and Mobile Marketing
  • Design Video presentations for YouTube