Visual media like Photographs and Videos are memories captured to be treasured for a life time.

The older it is, more valuable it becomes.

Carefully crafted photographs and videos allow us to travel back in time and re-live the moments.

The period of life when in school is probably the best part of a person's life.

SchooLife is a concept solution for creating unique memories with distinguished values with inherent benefits for School as well as Parents & Students.

Days at school are probably the best part of a person’s life. There are many memories of lots of friends, teachers, school programs, picnics and sports etc, which are treasured lifelong. Without any kind of preservation these memories are just in our mind which tend to fade away with time. The only means of capturing these beautiful memories in photographs and videos is through School. Nowadays schools are actively capturing these memories in photographs for their students. However plain and simple photographs hardly ever help to recollect the exact scenario a long time, say 15 years, down the line.

Schoolife products are meticulously designed to incorporate as much more details as possible to easily enable one to recollect and relive the moment in the memoir even 15 years down the line. Schoolife products are crafted with precision utilizing creative insights of thorough professionals and best of materials having extremely long life with regards to preservation.


eQuest Image

eQuest Workflow Suite

Be free from the burden of managing non core - bussiness essential activities.

eQuest Productivity Suite ensures enhanced efficiency & productivity by

  • Automating the processes – by way of web forms with integrated approval chain
  • Providing access, storage & retrieval of information – based on protection rights level
  • Enhance the usability of information / data – retrieve useful piece from the whole set of data
  • Facilitates analysis for strategy planning & decision making – accurate summary of whole data
  • Provision of access to information at any time – from any place – with any device
  • Intutive application interface which is easy to use for users across all levels – with just a web browser

eQuest modules are enablers to enhance efficiency and productivity through user friendly web based workflow.

HR Enabler Module

Human Resources departments are being constantly roped in for value add to the strategic planning, especially when it concerns productivity and scalability. Complex and high paced Business scenarios generate a need for software tools to enhance efficiency and user productivity while aligning the processes with the organizational goals. HR Enabler Module offers a set of automated, efficient and user firendly workflows to automate process with a twin goal of enhancing user productivity and system efficiency.

Currently three workflows are available:

  • LeaveMate - automates leave request and approval process with real time feedback
  • CardMate - automated Business Card request, approval and print
  • Dashboard - intutive central platform for Human Resource Communication
Auxi Sales Image

auxiSales Enabler Module

AuxiSales Enabler module is a workflow to automate and enhance auxillary Sales activities. It organizes the transaction processing, recording and storage of non-core sales activities completely integrating with the chain of command for approvals and authority levels.

The currently supported functions include request workflows for:

  • Security Deposit Pay Order for tendering
  • Earnest Money Deposit Pay Order for tendering
  • Bank Gurantee
  • Kiosk setup and displays for marketing
  • Organizing Roadshow
  • Organizing Customer Meet
  • Organizing Dealer Meet

Any number of other custom functions can be included upon request.