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Who are we

A compact core team of passionate & tech-savvy members, who believe in delivering inspired results adapting focused methodology & professionalism based hard work to create tangible advantages for our clients.

Wait did you just say a compact – meaning a small team? Can we really depend on a small team to deliver results for a sizeable project?

Dude what are you talking, WhatsApp was created by a compact core team of just 32 members – it had more than 450 million active users globally and was valued over 19 billion dollars – don’t you think it’s a sizeable project huh

The average professional experience of our core team spans over 14 years with diverse areas of strength such as graphic design, web development, photography, marketing, strategic planning and sales & operations management. The diversity in domain knowledge allows us to create insightful results putting to use collaborative approach towards building solutions for each of our client’s requirement. We thoroughly enjoy every bit of our work and are passionate about improvising every day.

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What we do?

Design and develop:

websites, online-shopping websites and custom content management systems

Conceptualize & develop:

web based applications for enhanced efficiency and productivity

Digital Marketing:

to exploit the power of internet and social medial for tangible advantages of our clients

Visual Communication:

with high quality professional still photography & movies

What Skills do we have image

What skills do we have?


Language - PHP, C#

Javascript - EcmaScript, jQuery, Ajax

Database - MySQL, MongoDB

Framework - Laravel, Asp.Net


Web Design - LESS, CSS3, HTML5

Graphic Design:Photoshop, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Illustrator, GIMP


Still Photograophy, Videography, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Voice Over

How we work image

How do we work?

We adhere to a simple client-centric workflow


Learn about the brand and landscape surrounding it.
Analyse competitors and target audience – identify the gaps.


Define objective for the challenge solution.
Ideate approaches for the solution


Sketch – Prototype – Extrapolate – Repeat
Iterate until we are satisfied about – just right user experience
Review with client


Visual designers create design to ensure that solution shines through in every experience


Developer techies are right on the cutting edge of what’s possible & collaborate with the visual designers throughout the development process to ensure the vision stays true.
Ensure optimization of the solution with thorough testing for every experience.


We always make sure that the solution is really ready for production use before delivery.

What Else Image

What else?

We actively collaborate with a global network of our friends sharing similar passion and interests, working as a virtual team to bring a variety of modern applications as client offerings

RFID/Biometric software solutions

E-learning solutions

Dashboard monitoring solutions

Visitor Management System

Attendance Management System

CRM – Sales Management System

Asset Tracking System

Call Logging Portal

Canteen Management System

Intranet Portal